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XOOPS/ImpressCMS Modules

XOOPS/ImpressCMS Modules

QR Module


QR is a module to add QR codes to aXOOPS or ImpressCMS site. QRcodes are 2D barcodes, most commonly used with mobile phones to transfer url or contact information from other phones or media sources to a target phone by scanning the code using the phone's built in camera.

This module provide three blocks to enhance the connectivity between your site and QRcode capable devices. One displays any arbitrary string as a QRcode. Another provides a QRcode link to the current page. Another displays a QRcode containing contact information in the docomo MECARD format.

You can find the QR module source on GitHub.

Alternate download from here.

This module uses Y.Swetake's excellent QRcode scripts for code creation. For more information see

"QR Code" is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.

  • Access control by Group
  • Freeform and structured blocks and scripts

System Requirements:
  • Tested in ImpressCMS versions 1.2.7 and 1.3.4, XOOPS version 2.5.6

Download History:
Version: 1.1 Updated: Wed, 01-Sep-2010

XOOPS compatibility fixes

Version: 1.2 Updated: Thu, 07-Feb-2013

automated installation to trust path
MECARD scripts to build qr code with structured URL
preference option for error correction level
help page in module admin
see changelog for more information

Version: 1.3 Updated: Tue, 05-Mar-2013

adds Bookmark block in MEBKM format
adds popup option to blocks so code shows on request
remove trustpath component requirement resulting in streamlined installation

Version: 1.4 Updated: Wed, 05-Jun-2013

Minor fixes

Publisher: geekwright, LLC
Updated On: Sun, 09-Jun-2013

Version: 1.4
Release Status: Final
Downloads: 686
File Size: 1.1 Mb
Home Page: QR on GitHub

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Price: Free | Platform: None | License: Other | Limitations: None



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