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Serious Open Source for Safety

Geekwright, LLC is proud to announce the release of gwloto version 1.0. Gwloto, geekwright Lockout Tagout, is a hazardous energy control plan manager, implemented as a module for ImpressCMS and XOOPS content management systems. It is designed to facilitate worker safety by providing access to documented lockout and tagout (LOTO) procedures for performing maintenance tasks.

Lockout/Tagout is a vital safety process, protecting workers from potentially life threatening injury from unexpected energy discharge while performing their assigned duties. In its simplest form, energy control can be just unplugging a piece of equipment before servicing it. But, as the energy complexity of the work place increases, so does the planning needed to protect a worker from the dangers of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical, thermal, and other energies. In complex process industries, isolating a single piece of equipment for servicing can involve 100 or more distinct actions to create a safely de-energized working environment.

Assisting this process through automation with software can be beneficial, but until now, this required writing custom software or relying on proprietary tools. With the release of gwloto, a complete free and open source software solution stack is now available off the shelf.

By focusing the inherent community building capabilities of a content management system like ImpressCMS into an industrial community, system integrators can utilize gwloto as a building block in a leverageable solution. This environment can expand to the exact requirements determined, be that only a hazardous energy control plan manager or a complete worker safety portal.

With gwloto you can:
* Manage control plans to safely de-energize, inspect and re-energize equipment for maintenance
* Plan, assign, track and record the execution of control plans
* Associate existing business documents, such as forms, with plans
* Meet the needs of the modern workforce with multilingual capabilities
* Customize for specific requirements with plug-in based output options
* Separate roles in the enterprise with granular permissions
* Support unlimited users anywhere with web based design

For more information, or to experience gwloto first hand, visit the gwloto site at:

Gwloto is a project on SourceForge. You can visit it at:


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