Google and Being Evil

I've come to depend on Google more than I'm really comfortable with. At first, it was just for searching. They just did it better. Oh, and then I started to depend on Google News to sift through the world's happenings. Then, there was gmail, Google docs, and more. Now, my phone is Android. I use its navigation app to find my way in unfamiliar territory. I've got a Google browser. There is Google Voice, Google TV. I am watching the unveiling of a Google operating system with some interest. And, I incorporated one the Google API's into some code I was working on.

That last one just turned around and bit me. Now, I'm questioning some of those other gradually built dependencies I've created over the years. But for now, I'll just study the current predicament I've allowed myself to get into, and try and glean a few lessons, and salvage some value from the experience. on. No comment

gwreports is Available Now

geekwright, LLC is proud to announce the availability of gwreports - geekwright Reports, our MySQL reporting tool for ImpressCMS and XOOPS content management systems (CMS). on. No comment

The Making of the gwreports Demo

After there was a working gwreports module and it was nearing release to the world, the question of how to demonstrate it came up. It needed a substantial set of data that wasn't proprietary, confidential or otherwise encumbered. After striking out with a google search for "big gobs of data" (hey. sometimes you get lucky,) the idea surfaced to look for weather data. That lead rather quickly to the Global Historical Climatology Network data base. This was a perfect find. on. No comment

Serious Open Source for Safety

Geekwright, LLC is proud to announce the release of gwloto version 1.0. Gwloto, geekwright Lockout Tagout, is a hazardous energy control plan manager, implemented as a module for ImpressCMS and XOOPS content management systems. It is designed to facilitate worker safety by providing access to documented lockout and tagout (LOTO) procedures for performing maintenance tasks. on. No comment

Skimming Update

It has been more than a year since this post on credit card skimmers, and, of course, the problem hasn't gone away, so an update seems in order. The latest wave of skimming attacks forgoes the overlays or modified replacement parts, and instead is wired in between the reader and the logic board. Wireless transmission of the skimmed data means nothing shows from the outside. This article from provides some interesting insight, including the brilliant concept of universal gas pump keys. on. No comment
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