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Accessing Reports

Menu System

gwreports has a menu system built on Topics. When accessed, the main page will show a list of all topics that have reports that the current CMS user can access. If the user can access only a single topic, that topic is automatically selected.

When a topic is selected,  a list of all reports the user can access for that single topic is shown.

When a report is selected, the report viewer will be shown. A form showing the parameters of the report will be shown. If the report has no required parameters, the report will run automatically and the results are displayed. The user can enter or change the parameters and run the report. If enabled, the user also has the options to print the report, or export the data to a spreadsheet.

The menus and report viewer have an optional breadcrumb menu for quick navigation.


gwreports offers several CMS blocks.

Topic Menu

Displays a list of reports for a single topic that the current user can access. Selecting a report from this list invokes the report viewer for the selected report.

Quick Report

Displays a parameter entry form to run a single report in a block. Submitting the form invokes the report viewer. If no parameters are called for, a link to the report is shown.

Report in a Block

Displays a preselected report in a block.  No opportunity for parameter entry is presented, so the report should have either no parameters or suitable default values for all parameters.

It is recommended that any report used in this context have a predictably small result set.

To minimize resource use, the block group permissions should only include groups which have permission to view the report. Also, specifying block caching should be considered.

Search Access

Reports can be located through the CMS search function by name or description. Only reports the user is authorized to view will be returned in the search results.

Direct Report Access

A report can be invoked directly with a URL of the following form:



NN is the report ID (shown in the Report list in the Administration area)

nameX is the parameter name

valueX is the value to be used for the parameter

For a printable version of the report, you can substitute report_print.php.

For a spreadsheet version of the report, you can substitute report_xls.php.

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