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The Explore tab in the Administration area provides a quick view of the tables you can access when creating a report. Select a database, and a list of tables will be displayed. Select one of those tables, and a query including all of the columns of the table will be displayed. The generated query will also include a simple where clause referencing the tables primary key if one is defined. You can optionally pass the generated query to the report editor as a new report.

Export / Import

A report definition, including all parameter, section and column format definitions, can be exported to a text file using the Export option on the administration area Reports list.

A corresponding Import function, to import an exported report definition file, can be accessed from the Import link near the bottom of the administration area Reports page.

These functions allow you to more easily move a report from a development to a production environment. Using options such as the predefined {$xpfx} parameter in your query SQL can make the transfer process simpler, however there are a few things that do not transfer or that may need additional attention.

Imported reports are ALWAYS not active

The Authorized Groups list is ALWAYS EMPTY on imported reports

Column Extended formats are not modified in any way, so any reference to environment specifics, such as URL strings, may need to be adjusted.

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