About Geekwright

Geekwright, LLC is a software consulting business headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. The company was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing low cost software services to small businesses. By applying decades of experience gained working with and for Fortune 500 companies to the needs of small businesses, we hope to help those businesses succeed and grow. It is our firm belief that small business is the true source of our collective future growth and innovation. We have chosen to focus on two key technology areas which we believe can be of the most benefit in the pursuit of that growth and innovation.

The first is web services. The Internet has brought us possibilities in communication that were unthinkable only a short time ago. The web can be a powerful way to reach customers, and conversely it is a powerful way to connect with vendors. It can also be a powerful way to connect your business internally. The maturity and ubiquity of the web make it an essential tool for growth. Failing to master it will be to a business' peril, yet many do fail and even more do not begin to utilize it to its full potential.

The second key area is open source software. The advent of Internet connectivity has allowed for a radical departure from traditional software development models. This shift brings with it a great deal of philosophical and idealogical debate, and a great deal of resistance from those who profited most from those traditional models. The information technology industry has been shifting to the model of building systems from off the shelf components, and advancing the idea of software as a commodity service. What better way to choose components than to have full access to all of their internal workings? If you are treating it as a commodity item, shouldn't you be able to inspect it completely? Open source software is the logical culmination of these important trends. Some will try and tell you that you should use open source software because it is free. At Geekwright, we'll tell you that you should use it because it is powerful.

We would like to help your business succeed in utilizing these key technologies effectively. And that is what Geekwright is about.
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