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At Geekwright, we specialize in providing software services with all the advantages of big business technical expertise and experience to small businesses. We do that by cutting out lots of the typical overhead that can push prices out of reach for those that can benefit the most. We offer a range of services and support options to meet your business needs for web and other software services at prices you can afford.

Introducing geekwright Lockout Tagout

Lock and Tag
Geekwright is proud to announce the availability of gwloto - geekwright Lockout Tagout, our web based hazardous energy control plan manager. It is designed to facilitate the communication and tracking of vital safety procedures to enable workers to safely accomplish maintenance tasks through a documented lockout and tagout program.

Check out the demo and our project area on SourceForge.

Announcing geekwright Reports

Geekwright is proud to announce the availability of gwreports - geekwright Reports, our MySQL reporting tools for XOOPS and ImpressCMS environments.

Check out the demo, the online manual, and our project area on SourceForge.

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wright \\'rīt\\ noun: a skilled builder; a craftsman -- usually used in combination, i.e. millwright or wheelwright

geek \\'gēk\\ noun: a person with peculiar skills and knowledge in a specialized area, most typically technology
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